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I write about whatever I am interested in. Strong advocate for self-education and financial independence. Finding my way in this crazy world just like you.

I’m a young person finding my way in this crazy world, and I’ve found something that I love in finance. I don’t have a degree in Accounting or in Finance, rather, I’m teaching myself, and so far it’s been the most exciting and rewarding undertaking of my life. If you’re a younger person like me, then chances are pretty good that you haven’t got the first clue about how to set yourself up financially, or even what most of the jargin means. I believe that the best way to learn is to teach, so I’m making it my goal to…

A pandemic is a hell of a good way to ruin the economy, especially if everything shuts down. It’s obvious why so many people are talking about the economy and the US budget deficit making records — the sort of record you don’t want to break. Misinformation is abundant, of course, so let’s start off slow. When having a discussion about the US federal deficit, we first need to address one thing: does the deficit actually matter? The debt is the total amount of money that the US government owes in borrowed money. The answer is no…for now. Policy 2020…

The early universe, as we see it.

History is the study of the past. But history is also written by the victor, is it not? Whether it be the history of life, history of a particular event, or history of the universe, all specialties of history share that in common. Some specialties are easier to find evidence for — such as studying the history of the universe. People can believe or not believe in The Big Bang; they can believe or not believe in any facet that they disagree with. But nothing can change the indisputable fact that when we point a telescope into the night sky…

What to do? How to do it? What if I don’t know what I am even doing?

Recently, I had a response to an article of mine from February, 2020 about why I believe it would benefit everybody for taking a personality test. Vinny. M (who has since deleted their account) asked me in the response section how I dealt with my indecisiveness. Vinny told me that they feel as though they waste their time every day, procrastinating even when there is such a desire to try so much in life, yet no steps are ever taken. Vinny asked if I could relate to this, and if I had any advice.

Before I get into my response…

A picture that lists all 16 different personality types
A picture that lists all 16 different personality types
All 16 personality types

Calling all who are indecisive, and all who face a crossroad…lend me your ears!

In recent years, personality tests have become more common, especially in education. In some colleges, they are taken in ‘Cornerstone’ classes: full-semester courses designed with the pure intent to ease new students into the system and to help students find their calling in life. More than that, these personality tests are common in High Schools now; I took them twice before I graduated in 2018. …

You get what you deserve!

Joker’ has proven itself to be the little engine that could.

Is This All A Joke To You?

This film didn’t have all that much going for it at first. It’s R rated [X], it’s a standalone film with no ties to any franchise [X], it’s directed by the guy that made The Hangover [X], it stars Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro; 2 of the best-ever actors, sure, but not exactly head turners for the masses [X]. According to IMDB, it had a modest budget of $55 million (estimated) before marketing[X]. …

*Note: This is not an entirley fact-based article, this is purely my personal story, and thus should be taken as such.

It is common knowledge amongst intellectuals that Barrack Hussein Obama is the worst president in U.S. history, and he should’ve been shot for being an evil traitor.

That extreme tidbit may sound ridiculous and dangerous now, but to a 12 or 13-year-old me, that was a commonly known fact. Amongst the impossibly insane atmosphere in Washington D.C. these days (New York Times Inquiry page in case you’re not caught up), sometimes it is good to go back and remember…

The controversial film comes out on October 4th, and it may become a movie milestone.

Joaquin Phoenix’s newest performance comes in a fun package: Joker is releasing in theatres everywhere on October 4th, and the hype on this one is real, people.

The Past

The history of comic-book movies has been an interesting one, to put it lightly. They’ve been around for much longer than you might think, and you might not even realize that some of the early ones were comic related. It’s been 11 years since Marvel started their Cinematic Universe and crushed the box office over, and over, and…

An officer wearing their Axon body camera; courtesy of the New York Times

It is no secret that America still has a police problem, and has had this problem for a long time now. Police Officers in the United States have long been known internationally to be overly violent, arrogant, and racist. This is a problem that we have all faced for decades upon decades. Even in popular media, it isn’t difficult to see some examples of this going back to the 1980s and ’70s; the image of a fat New York City officer bullying minorities is as iconic as the city itself from that time; and before that, to the corrupt officers…

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